Commit 58c633ea authored by Ewout Helmich's avatar Ewout Helmich
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Region file Nancy

parent a35a363f
# Region file format: DS9 version 4.1
# Filename: /home/nancy/Desktop/ESO-DR1-Masking/Sci-JMCFARLAND-OMEGACAM-------OCAM_i_SDSS---Coadd---Sci-56376.7298580-21b4801ba376b87bfb8a66a042f4a9f4bd800cda.filt_mean.fits
global color=green dashlist=8 3 width=1 font="helvetica 10 normal roman" select=1 highlite=1 dash=0 fixed=0 edit=1 move=1 delete=1 include=1 source=1
circle(3:13:11.014,-33:34:43.92,86.9005") # color=red
box(3:11:32.694,-33:51:42.44,900.585",46.5419",0) # color=red
box(3:11:31.674,-33:50:24.47,833.099",48.869",0) # color=red
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