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......@@ -44,3 +44,33 @@ Two things that you need to do that are beyond the scope of this project:
* Cache your overleaf credentials, it is not possible to use SSH for overleaf.
* Run the script periodically, e.g. every minute or before and after each change
you want to make.
## Initial setup
Overleaf does some strange things with git. E.g. it deletes all the history
when importing a project, but creates a history when creating a new project.
Therefore some special instructions need to be followed to initially setup
the linked projects.
### Setup from existing GitLab repository
First create a new blank project. Do not import a project. Choose 'git' in the
'Sync' menu and copy the url (but note the `git clone` part). It should look
```shell script
git clone
cd testlatex2
git remote rename origin gitlab
git remote add overleaf
git fetch overleaf
git merge -X ours overleaf/master
git push overleaf master
git push gitlab master
### Setup from existing Overleaf repository
This is simpler, just create an empty project on GitLab (that is, do not
initialize with a readme), clone the Overleaf repository like usual, add
the GitLab remote and push there.
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