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# gitremotesync
Sync the master branches of the local repository and all remotes.
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Sync the master branches of the local repository and all remotes.
E.g. running this in a git repository with these remotes, will synchronize
three repositories:
```shell script
$ git remote -v
github (fetch)
github (push)
gitlab (fetch)
gitlab (push)
overleaf (fetch)
overleaf (push)
These projects will be synchronized:
Any change to master of one of these projects will propagate to the others.
This will allow seamless collaboration through overleaf, github and/or gitlab.
Collaborators who prefer to use merge/pull requests can do so through gitlab
or github. These changes will seem like an extremely fast typer to the
collaborators that are using overleaf. Vice versa, overleaf users appear
as people who create many commits to the gitlab/github users.
To run this script, clone one of the repositories,
add the other remotes, then run the script.
```shell script
git clone
git clone
cd testlatex2
git init
git remote rename origin gitlab
git remote add overleaf
git remote add github
bash ../gitremotesync/
Two things that you need to do that are beyond the scope of this project:
* Cache your overleaf credentials, it is not possible to use SSH for overleaf.
* Run the script periodically, e.g. every minute or before and after each change
you want to make.
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