Commit 5e6c9de7 authored by Hugo Buddelmeijer's avatar Hugo Buddelmeijer
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Two scripts to study the htm module:

- usually causes a segfault in the htm module
- performs similar actions that do not crash the module
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This is a simple test using the htm module. This script
does not crash.
See for a similar example that usually does crash.
import htm
# Look up a trixel on level 7. A level above 6 never seems to crash
# the module.
# A level of 1 often crashes the module. Some trixels never seem
# to crash, like this one.
This is a simple script that usually crashes the htm module with
a segfault. See for script that usually does not crash.
# Querying a trixel on level 1 often crashes, but not always.
import htm
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