Commit 93f93b6d authored by Teake Nutma's avatar Teake Nutma
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Support coverage files in multi-output conda recipes

Triggered by,
which is the first MR with a multi-output package. The coverage was
not picked up in that case.
parent 6a43b16f
......@@ -137,8 +137,10 @@ conda_test:
# section after the first error. This would mean that the reports wouldn't get extract if the tests fail and the
# extraction would happen in the `script` section. In contrast, `after_script` always gets executed.
# Determine the folder in which the tests ran.
- CONDA_TEST_SRC_DIR=$(grep -oP '^export SRC_DIR=\K.*$' conda_build_test.log)
# Determine the folder in which the tests ran. Take the first one. (This is fine for multi-output packages
# as the same directory occurs multiple times. But for multiple recipes this is not sufficient).
# TODO: loop over the distinct test folders and join coverage files.
- CONDA_TEST_SRC_DIR=$(grep -oP '^export SRC_DIR=\K.*$' conda_build_test.log | head -n 1)
# Determine if a coverage report or file exists in the conda test directory.
# If so, and if there's not already a coverage report in the current dir,
# move it to the current directory so that it can be picked up as CI artifact
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