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mupipe - Task Index
<li><a href="adder.html">
<b>adder</b></a> -- weighted stacking of images
<li><a href="biasredux.html">
<b>biasredux</b></a> -- compute initial standard CCD-reduction and creates an error-frame
<li><a href="boxfitting.html">
<b>boxfitting</b></a> -- either search for box-shaped transit signatures within a lightvurve or fold a lightcurve
<li><a href="compare.html">
<b>compare</b></a> -- align the surface of images using a polynomial fit
<li><a href="curvemaker.html">
<b>curvemaker</b></a> -- create lightcurves using PSF-photometry on difference images
<li><a href="diffima.html">
<b>diffima</b></a> -- compute difference images
<li><a href="divvy.html">
<b>divvy</b></a> -- shift images
<li><a href="getsky.html">
<b>getsky</b></a> -- skysubtract image
<li><a href="masterbias.html">
<b>masterbias</b></a> -- getsky -- create a masterbias image
<li><a href="masterflat.html">
<b>masterflat</b></a> -- create a masterflatfield image
<li><a href="psfphot.html">
<b>psfphot</b></a> -- create lightcurves using PSF-photometry on difference images
<li><a href="simulator.html">
<b>simulator</b></a> -- create a series of simulated images of stars, variables and transiting planet host stars
<li><a href="skycalc.html">
<b>skycalc</b></a> -- photometrically align images
<li><a href="starfind.html">
<b>starfind</b></a> -- locate stars and measure their parameters
<li><a href="starphot.html">
<b>starphot</b></a> -- photometry tool
<li><a href="subby.html">
<b>subby</b></a> -- replace masked regions and optionally do weighted stacking of images
<li><a href="weight.html">
<b>weight</b></a> -- compute optimal stacking weights from background and seeing
Dokumentation maintained by J. Koppenhfer<br>
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