Commit b371f055 authored by Hugo Buddelmeijer's avatar Hugo Buddelmeijer
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Moved from astro.main.sourcecollection.AttributeCalculator

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def get_onthefly_dependencies_with_attributes(self, config=None, attributes=None):
Experimental functionality.
The dependency of an AttributeCalculator is a SourceCollection
that represents the same sources but with the attributes that
are required for the calculation.
The necessary attributes can only be known when the
AttributeCalculatorDefinition is known, which is currently
set by set_onthefly_attributes. Another option might be to
have the ACD itself as a dependency. The easiest way to achieve
that might be to make the ACD a 'raw'.
from astro.experimental.SourceCollection.SourceCollectionAttributesSelectedSourcesAll import SourceCollectionAttributesSelectedSourcesAll
dependencies_and_attributes = [
'attributes': tuple(self.definition.input_attribute_names),
'universe': attributes['universe'],
return dependencies_and_attributes
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